Architect Registration Examination

As excerpted from NCARB's description of the ARE:
"The Architect Registration Examination (ARE) examines candidates for their knowledge, skills and ability to provide the various services required in the design and construction of buildings. The ARE is the only examination prepared by NCARB and has been adopted for use by all 55 member boards and the Canadian provinces as the registration examination required of all candidates for architectural registration.

The core functions of architectural practice site design and building design are accorded fundamental importance in the examination's three graphical divisions. The other divisions are written to assess or evaluate the candidate's ability to deal with the design process as well as the technical and programmatic aspects integral with design. This exam approach helps to establish and measure the level and type of job-related performance encountered in practice."

ARE Divisions & Costs
There are nine divisions of the Architect Registration Examination (ARE):
Multiple-Choice Divisions:
Pre-Design: $92
General Structures: $92
Lateral Forces: $92
Mechanical & Electrical Systems: $92
Materials & Methods: $92
Construction Documents & Services: $92
Graphic Divisions:
Site Planning: $143
Building Planning: $143
Building Technology: $143
TOTAL: $981

Fees listed above are in U.S. dollars. Candidates testing in Canada are charged the 7% GST (Government Sales Tax) in addition to each test fee.

Testing Center Locations
All nine ARE divisions are administered by computer, year-round at a network of test centers across the U.S., its territories, and Canada. Candidates may take the exam divisions in any order at any time and location they choose. Most test centers are open six days a week, fifty weeks a year. After a state board deems a candidate eligible to start taking the exam, NCARB's consultant, the Chauncey Group International, will send detailed information about scheduling. For a complete list of testing centers, click here.

ARE Pass Rates
NCARB provides remarkably little information about ARE division pass rates generally, which is now published annually. Click here to access the most recent information (2003).

Fortunately, a few state licensing boards, like the California Architects Board (CAB), have started posting pass rates for its candidates. California offers a simple breakdown of its pass rates (1997-present) in the context of which schools candidates graduated from, etc. For more information, click here.

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