ARE Study Materials

ArchVoices will never be in the business of generating ARE study materials and seminars. Thankfully, half a dozen other entities are. We've listed a few below, but suggestions are welcome. Email your suggestions to

NCARB's ARE Study Guides
Kaplan AEC (formerly ALS/Architectural License Seminars)
Professional Publications, Inc.

Study Seminars
AIA Chapter ARE Seminar Finder
Institute of Design & Construction (IDC)

NCARB-recommended Resources
On its website, NCARB makes the disclaimer that, "The references listed [on its site] for each division are presented as a guide in preparing for the examination. The list was developed by the committee that prepares the exam; it is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all possible reference materials that could be used to develop questions for the examination. NCARB makes no guarantee that the various references are currently in print."
NCARB goes on to emphasize that candidates should be familiar with one of the four model building codes, depending on where they are being tested:
BOCA National Building Code
Standard Building Code (SBC)
Uniform Building Code (UBC)--Volumes 1 and 2
National Building Code of Canada (NBCC)
Candidates in U.S. jurisdictions should be familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act.