Job Search

Rather than reinvent the wheel, we have compiled the following general resources and links to existing job search websites. We encourage you to forward us any additional links or resources that you feel may be of benefit to others. Finally, this section also includes a variety of articles with advice for writing resumes, portfolios, preparing for interviews, looking for international work, etc.

AIA Chapter Job Boards
Local AIA chapters are a great source for job searching. Some chapters have websites with job postings while others have links to firms in their area. To find contact information for your local chapter, click here.
AIA National Career Center
AIA Chapter Job Boards Listing

University/School Career Centers
Regardless of whether you are a student, graduate, or on sabbatical, contact your university's career center for assistance on your resume, cover letters, and interviewing. The architecture program may have a list of firms who have contacted your school and a listing of employment opportunities posted on a bulletin board or the college's website. Many alumni centers may also provide you with a list of alumni in your desired area of the country for making initial contacts.

ACSA Faculty Positions Job Center
Harvard Graduate School of Design
Texas Tech University
University of Illinois Architecture Placement Office
University of Minnesota Career Services
University of Virginia Office of Career Planning

General Links

Architects Online Career Center

General Advice
If you believe that the key to job searching is networking, then be sure to contact all of your friends, family, professors, and classmates for possible leads. Amazingly, everyone you meet is a possible lead to your next position.

Another potentially helpful resource is the library, either the local public library or your school's library; more than the library, your best friend is a reference librarian. Both can help you research firms, locate critical information for your job search, and direct you to resources that you may now know existed.

Finally, pick up a copy of Architecture, Architectural Record, or Metropolis magazine, or some other design publications that appeal to you, and read them cover to cover. Editorials. Letters. Ads. Articles. Cut lines under pictures. Everything. Each time you do this, you will inevitably come up with a list of interesting, dynamic, firms or firm principals to contact about job opportunities. If a job seeker reads the 3 most recent issues cover to cover as we've suggested, we'd be surprised if they didn't have a very good "hit list" of firms to contact. And it's a great door opener to say, "I read your letter to the editor and was in complete agreement with the point you made. You're the kind of person I'd like as a mentor."